Tofu - fermented by Kombucha


Organic Fresh Fillet

Vegan alternative to salmon

Sear the tofu salmon on both sides until golden brown and crispy (approx. 5-10min over medium heat) or grill. At fairs, we serve the fillet with a blob of our vegan herb butler.

See below for recipe.

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  • Ingredients Atlantik-Tofu

    Organic Tofu with Spices & Seaweed as Vegan Salmon Replacement (pasteurized), GLUTEN FREE

    Ingredients: 67% tofu* (water, soybeans*, coagulants: Kombucha*
    [Black & Green Tea* with Sugar* fermented into vinegar]/Nigari [Magnesium
    Chloride]/Calcium Sulphate), soy protein*, sunflower*/rapeseed
    oil*, tomato puree*, sea salt, spices*, tamari* (water, soybeans*,
    sea salt), yeast flakes*, seaweed (2%), onions*, sultanas*, lemon juice*,
    thickening agent: Locust Bean Gum*, smoke.                                                                                                                 May contain traces of: mustard*, celeriac*, sesame*.                                                                                                *from organic farming

  • The Average Nutrition Value of Tofu-Frischfilet

    Durchschnittliche Nährwerte / The Average Nutrition Value / Valeurs Nutritionnelles Moyennes 100 g
    Energie / Energy / Valeur Energétique 850kJ/203kcal
    Fett / Fat / Matières grasses 14 g
    davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which Saturated Fatty Acids / Dont acides gras saturés 2,5 g
    Kohlenhydrate / Carbohydrate / Glucides 4 g
    davon Zucker / of which sugar / dont sucre 3 g
    Eiweiß / Protein / Protéines 24 g
    Salz / Salt / Sel 1,9 g

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Blind Fish

Recipe with Atlantik Tofu

My grandmother who was born 1904 in the Ruhr area often served the local dish "blind fish" - which is raw potatoes fried in oil so a vegan fish recipe from 100 years ago!

Today we add Lord of Tofu's Atlantic Tofu, which is also a vegan fish - a delicious alternative to a salmon fillet.


For 2 small servings:

Quarter 2 large raw potatoes with olive oil and herb salt and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 40min.
Then place 1 packet of Atlantic Tofu with 2 fillet pieces on the baking tray with the potato wedges and cook together for a further 10min.
Vegan bechamel sauce

Melt 3 tablespoons of Lord of Tofu's Vegan Herb Butler in a saucepan.
Add approx. 100 ml soy cream, whisk and heat up.
add fresh dill to taste
Pour the vegan bechamel sauce over the baked potatoes and the Atlantic tofu.

Enjoy your meal

wishes Dörte from Lord of Tofu

P.S.: What would you call blind fish? The potatoes or the Atlantic Tofu with seaweed?