Autumn's Burger

Is Autumn Burger Time?

Autumn burger
It's autumn! And whether you have golden October or autumn storms in mind. Autumn is also a time for reflection. But as vegan specialities have become more popular in recent years, the discussion about the right name for these alternatives to animal products has also become more heated!
Is it still allowed to say burger?
The people from Freiburg, the Freiburgers certainly are, and the Hamburgers anyway!
Now you might think that the word burger comes from the English-speaking world, since we usually pronounce it in American: Börger. But it was the hamburgers who invented the burger!
According to Wikipedia, it is an abbreviation for Hamburger Hacksteak. Hamburg emigrants brought this meatball with them to the USA.
Personally, I think it's nice when the language is alive and evolves with us. It is also possible to preserve culinary cultural assets and still do without meat.
But of course we don't want to give up taste!
And not without organic ingredients either! Lord of Tofu uses only vegetable raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. For the insects, for us and for the future!
Back to autumn:
Here autumn reminds me of our first name for our tofu burger: Herbstburger. As different as the autumn weather can be, you can prepare the tofu burger just as differently:
Maybe grill the burger in the autumn sun? 
Or would you rather fry it in a little oil in a pan until golden brown?
Also quite simple: heat it up in the oven!
You can now eat the hot burger with a fork and knife. 
Or in the classic burger bun with a little tomato sauce/ketchup or autumnal with pumpkin chutney, onion rings (tip: fry beforehand), lettuce, tomato slices, pickles.
You can simply arrange the different ingredients in bowls, then everyone can assemble their own burger according to their own preferences.

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